Implementation of the “soft power” policy of China in the Asia-Pacific region

International relationships

The article deals with the process of forming the “soft power” policy of People’s Republic of China and analyzes its application in the Asia-Pacific region. This study shows the process of forming and changing the policy of “soft power”, Beijing’s modern views on international relations and its role in them. We have taken into account the peculiarities of the region, the main problems, the established system of international relations. The term “soft power” originated in the 1980s and implies a profitable policy conducted without direct military and political interference. Since the early 2000s, the policy of “soft power” found its interpretation among the international scholars of China. The national rethinking of soft power allowed to introduce it into the practices of the Chinese foreign policy department. It gained a certain identity and naturally merged into the new foreign policy of the country. We have touched upon the practical application of modern regional policy towards the actors of international relations represented in the region. The article discusses the period of the early 21st century.