Network civil initiatives as a factor of public value transformation

Education and Culture

The article shows that the network organization of actors greatly increases the chances of conveying a consolidated position to people who make political decisions and collectively influence the authorities. The institutionalization of network activism that has taken place in recent years has made it possible to implement the network of civic practices into the political process, moving them to a new level of influence, thanks to building numerous inclusive horizontal connections. However, such practices are often unsystematic and episodic, preventing the increase of the general civic participation of citizens. It is proved that the tendency of formation of social significance of political decisions made contributed to the introduction of network civic initiatives in the value field of politics. It is concluded that network civic initiatives are an activating factor in the population, gain public value and quickly move into the political category. Network civic initiatives form important vectors of development of civil society in Russia, which transform complex forms of social development through the inclusion of post-material public values.