Semantic interpretations of the word-combination “clean sport” in the context of doping scandals in the media

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The doping scandals caused by the disqualification of Russian athletes, their exclusion from the lists of participants of the Olympic games led to a rather twisted interpretation of its’ meaning. The mass media began to use the phrase as a tool of speech manipulation in public domain. In Western media materials this combination contributes to the creation of a negative image of Russian sport in the minds of the mass audience. “Clean sport” in such passages is a benchmark to which sport in Russia does not correspond. In the Russian media “clean sport” is sometimes used with a touch of irony: journalists themselves suggest that professional sport is impossible without doping, therefore "clean sport" is a sport where the signs of doping drugs are skillfully concealed. A substantial analysis of media materials leads to the conclusion that the combination of "clean sport" is only a cover in the political struggle of competing states. In the mass perception, a real professional athlete does not use stimulants.