The concept of “culture” in russian and american media contexts

Applied Linguistics

The article presents the results of the analysis of the concept “culture”, how we perceive it in the modern practices. “Culture” is used to express different things, to describe the processes taking place in society or describe human activities. Since “culture” is becoming the central concept of many humanitarian and social knowledge, it captures a multiplicity of definitions. The discourse linguocultural analysis of the concept was based on the material of the American newspaper “Daily News” and the Russian newspaper “Kommersant” for 2018-2021 years. The number of documents containing the «culture» was over 1,000, of which 144 contexts were identified. In this context, thematic contexts of “culture” were formed. “Culture” is a discussed subject in various fields of knowledge, which confirms the abundance of contextual uses. Characteristics of “culture” as spiritual value, object of architecture, ethno-national belonging, result of production or mental activity of a person, are presented in the article. Special contextual units noticeable to American society were found. It gives a special perspective to the analysis of “culture” concept that is relevant in modern linguistic practice.