Digital environment for supporting the project activities of undergraduates studying “Technological education” in higher school

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

This paper describes a digital environment for supporting project activities as an element of the model for organizing project activities of the “Technological education” profile students. Digital environment resources are considered, which make it possible to manage the educational and cognitive activities of students. The study discovered the activity of the teacher in the organization of pedagogical support in the digital environment as part of the study of the discipline “Design-project activity”. The article described the conditions for inclusion of students not only in the academic, but also extracurricular activities. This paper gave the practical experience of building educational connections, information and data exchange, cooperation in digital environment, which together contributed to the development of students’ necessary skills in using digital tools in teaching. The skills included: a) personalized learning, the ability to make a choice based on the student’s personal preferences; b) person-oriented technologies of independent extracurricular work.