Political correctness as a bilingual lexicography object: Review of “English-Russian dictionary of politically correct language” by A.V. Vakhrusheva, E.V. Volkova. St. Peterburg: SPbGUP, 2023. ISBN 978-5-7621-1206-2


The review is devoted to the description of the “English-Russian Dictionary of Politically Correct Language” by A.V. Vakhrusheva and E.V. Volkova. The publication is the first dictionary in the Russian lexicographic market aimed at compiling comprehensive and up-to-date reference-book of politically correct vocabulary. Scientists call political correctness a special ideological reality, a linguistic movement, a cultural-behavioral and linguistic tendency. The authors of the dictionary have created an interdisciplinary work, which combines linguistic and linguocultural ideas about political correctness in Russian and English-language discourse. The material of the Dictionary covers texts of the leading American mass media published in the period from 2020 to 2022. The main method of selecting politically correct vocabulary is the content analysis method. The review cites the advantages of the Dictionary: thematic division, allocation of politically correct and politically incorrect words in separate columns, relevant examples from contemporary American mass-media resources. The major target audience of the Dictionary includes teachers, students and researchers of the peculiarities of the English language. The authors come to the conclusion on the significance and value of the Dictionary in contemporary English-Russian discourse since the work is considered to be large-scale and deserving close attention of translators, researchers, academics, students and wider circles of readership. Suggestions for further development of the Dictionary how to go about the research with more newspapers and magazines to be compared with American ones are stated at the end.