Language and culture as the subject matter of modern linguistics: A review on Holger Kuße's book “Culture-oriented linguistics. Introduction”. Moscow: Gnosis Publishing House, 2023. ISBN: 978-5-94244-079-4-


Language and culture have never ceased to arouse linguists’ interest for many a reason, among which an important, if not the main, role is played by the intertwining of both spheres due to their mutual reflection and close interaction at different levels. The description of this interaction involves the study of numerous markers associated with the existence and functioning of language at social, axiological, cognitive, and communicative levels. Holger Kuße's book “Culture-oriented linguistics. Introduction” (translated from German by M. Novoselova) presents a holistic view of the problems of interaction between language and culture. The book presents an original approach to the description of the interaction of language and culture and calls it “culture-oriented linguistics.” The author justifies the choice of the term used and shows its difference from the existing ones (linguoculturology, linguistic and regional studies, etc.). Starting from the origins when the problem of the relationship between language and culture was raised, the author shows the further course of linguistic thought, thanks to which the cultural turn of the second half of the 20th century became possible. The author demonstrates the interdisciplinarity and integrative character of linguistic research aimed at the analysis of the interweaving of culture-oriented linguistics, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, Humboldtian linguistics, functional linguistics, pragmatic studies, semiotics and discourse-oriented research with the focus on political, economic, religious, legal, and scientific discourses. The value of this work lies in the fact that Holger Kuße bases his research on a unified approach, shows its heuristic potential in terms of analyzing various types of discourse, and outlines further prospects for linguistic and cultural studies.