Iintellectual filters as a problem of modern education

Education and pedagogical science

This paper deals with information flow optimization in educational practice through the interdisciplinary analysis of the technology of individual attention management and focusing in the information field. The relevance of researching those cognitive resources responsible for intellectual filters formation, is determined by the growing complexity of individual’s orientation in semantic and social environments of network society. The search for an effective resource giving ability to counter information noise and network manipulating individual consciousness is held within the framework of the informational paradigm, according to which information acts as the key strategic factor of social and individual development. Cognitive resources for intellectual filters formation are considered to be the range of methodological tools that contribute to values and ideological matrix formation in the mental world-view. Among others, the algorithm of information conversion by means of object-documentary analysis offers certain opportunities, acting as a fairly universal way for subject to filter information flows. In conclusion, the author emphasizes the increasing need for intellectual filters development on the basis of critical thinking, which would create cognitive capacity of self-regulation in evaluating systems of individual thought and action.