The project “Promotion of Russian language and education in Russian” as a factor in improving the quality of training of foreign students at the Polytechnic University

Education and pedagogical science

The article analyzes the goals and objectives of the project “Promotion of Russian language and education in Russian”, implemented by a consortium of universities on the initiative of the Government of Russian Federation. The results of the project activities improve the quality of educational programs, the quality of the educational process and the quality of graduates. Improving of the quality of educational programs is achieved through the development and implementation of distance learning programs in the format of massive open online course – MOOC. MOOC “Linear Algebra and Analytic Geometry”, “Kinematics”, “Inorganic chemistry and ecology” are innovative and connect school and university disciplines. Improving the quality of the educational process is achieved by improving the extracurricular process, and by conducting the competition for Russian language together with contests and tours of Russian literature, and by the implementation of training programs for foreign teachers of Russian language in Vietnam and Germany. Improve the quality of graduates was done through attracting the best foreign enrollees by participating in exhibitions and by introduction of distance learning training of enrollees.