The fourth industrial revolution from the standpoint of scientific ideas (based on the materials of the 10th jubilee St. Petersburg sociological readings)


The article analyzes the topics of discussions and materials of the 10th Sociological Readings conference, highlights the current issues of concern which have been widely discussed. The conference participants considered the problems of essential characteristics and stages of the fourth industrial revolution, personal and communicative transformations, the social consequences of the new technological order. Problems of security and changes in the field of interaction, including with artificial intelligence, were debated. Particular attention was paid to new opportunities in the methodology of scientific research, the change of the scientific language of communications, the development of the sociology of science and technology. Participants considered new phenomena in the educational environment and the attitude of young people towards innovations from a comparative perspective. Social problems of the labor sphere were discussed. The summary results of the conference confirm that it is a significant event in the scientific life of the university and the professional community of scientists.