Methodology to estimation of quality of the process of training specialists

Education and pedagogical science

The methodological approach to the evaluation of the educational process, to the methods of its adaptation and management is considered in the article for a significant increase in the efficiency of the training process for specialists, for example in the field of information security, especially when moving to a multi-level university system of training specialists taking into account the requirements that constantly change during the planning of the training process. The methodical approach to the evaluation of the quality of the learning process based on the use of automated learning technologies is conventionally divided into three groups: a method of direct evaluation, when the quality indicator is based on a three-dimensional measurement (personality, subject, time), conducted directly by the training group or one instructor (the methods of the first group ), methods based on the evaluation of the indicators of management of the educational process (second group methodology) and methodologies, based on the methodological approach of assessment with structural features of the learning process used in the theory of automated systems with elements of high-level adaptation and self-learning (the methods of the third group).