Sixth Force and Photonic Overman


In contrast to the Nietzschean conception of Übermensch as signifying, hitherto, a supermanhood in moral terms alone, the principle of the latter lies in its being antithetical to the present human status, and in its thus proving altogether superior both ontologically and physically. With this premise the notions of Sixth Force and Photonic Frame are now associated. Set forth after a qualitative fashion, while the former is related to the thus far known elemental constituents of matter, as well as to forces and interactions between matter particles, and under this form deemed to intangibly account for all the chaos, indeterminacy and otherwise imperfection or limit found so peculiar to man, the latter refers to an ultimate trait in the actual Overman touching a most luminous and unparalleled corporeality. An original conception of geometry in photonic terms is also propounded. Illustrations meeting at length with a semiotic process and literary hints add to the suggestion.