Didactic games as a means of mastering video materials at foreign language classes

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

The article examines role-playing and lexical games in foreign language classes in the context of modern pedagogical concepts of edutainment and gamification. The game methodology of introducing meaningful and procedural entertainment elements of the educational process is used as a didactic means of mastering professionally-oriented video materials when studying English at a technical university. An advertising video of the American computer company CISCO is used for the first-year students of the Bonch-Bruevich Saint-Petersburg University of Telecommunications as part of the author’s technology for working with video materials using the electronic resources VideoAnt and MindMeister. The developed edutainment methodology including role-playing and lexical didactic games is used to consolidate the technical and general vocabulary of the video materials which students study unsupervised. A brief description of seven options of didactic games is given, which can be conducted in the traditional version or using the electronic resources of YouTube and Crosswordlabs.