Features of everyday Internet communication in Chinese

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

With the rapid development of modern information technologies, the network culture is becoming closer to people, practically erasing boundaries and providing unprecedented opportunities for both individual and group communication. The frequency of the use of Netspeak in everyday life is also increasing, becoming an integral part of everyday communication. The share of Internet vocabulary in the Chinese language is constantly growing, facilitating the need to describe and study the emerging linguistic phenomena of Internet communication. The article uses the methods of critical and comparative analysis of present research and considers leading Russian and foreign experience in the sphere of innovative educational practices to identify the features of everyday communication in Chinese, which (like many other modern languages) is in the process of constant change. The article describes various forms and features of the Chinese Internet language (Netspeak), substantiates the necessary reasons to study Chinese Netspeak deeply, as well as to consider it when teaching students everyday communication taking place in social networks, which can increase students’ motivation for in-depth study of the language. The study identified features of everyday Internet communication in Chinese significant for linguodidactic studies.