Exploring the management development of Chinese university student unions: Jilin university example

Education and Culture

On the new wave of Chinese University Student Union reform, university student unions in China have experienced obvious changes over the past years. However, some worrying signs such as unreasonable amount of student union members, lack of training mechanisms, inadequacy of work style formation of student unions and so on, remain hidden in the process of their development. The realities coming with the current situation need to be continuously explored and addressed in practice. After systematically combing through the existing literature on Chinese University Student Union reform, and through empirical research with Jilin University (China) as an example, we explore the status quo, conduct questionnaires and structured interviews, as well as analyze the existing problems in this Chinese university student union management structure, in terms of personnel scale, system of mechanisms, organizational structure, etc. Using social investigation methods and some other approaches, we summarize the challenges in Chinese University Student Union reform and present some corresponding measures and suggestions in order to provide general reference values.