Scientific discourse and linguistic strategies in Kazakhstan: new priorities and challenges in the international framework

Education and Culture

The present paper discusses the scientific discourse and standards for presenting and foregrounding of the new scientific result in English-language international communication. A special perspective has been set in connection with the current situation in Kazakhstan, where at the state level a gradual transition to trilingualism and thus mastery of the Kazakh, Russian, and English languages was initiated. The transition to trilingualism is most noticeably carried out in the academic sphere and scholarly communication. In this framework, the focus is on mastering the norms of verbalizing a scientific result and producing a publication according to the sociocultural norms and patterns of English-based communication. The paper discusses cultural and linguistic characteristics of scientific publications of Kazakhstani authors that reflect the existing academic traditions for the presentation of scientific results. The analysis is based on research papers in the field of humanities and natural sciences in 2015–2020 published in Russian and Kazakh languages by Kazakhstani authors.