Modern tendencies of project method technologies development in school and university education

Theory and Methods of Training and Education

The methodology of the project method of teaching a foreign language is examined from the point of view of the classification of projects, their goals, principles, objectives and stages. The critical literature of the last decade for determining the typology of projects is analyzed, and on this basis a universal typological table is developed. 25 educational projects used by teachers in the framework of school and university education are analyzed. The trends of thematic variation of the project formats and the insufficient use of currently relevant information technologies have been identified. The main advantages and disadvantages present in most of the analyzed projects are identified. Information is presented on the most representative projects, where they are examined from the point of view of typology and the most relevant features, such as the method of evaluating project participants, the form of monitoring, the inclusion of project activities in modern teaching and methodological complexes, etc. An innovative model of an interdisciplinary university project for undergraduates in technical areas is proposed, which is implemented in the author’s textbook. It is proposed to use a wide range of information and communication technologies (ICT): from traditional and local (Microsoft Office, MOODLE) to the most advanced (social networks, such as Instagram, professional programs, such as AutoCAD). An interactive project with periodic reporting is proposed, at the end of which project teams create a physical product that is potentially applicable in their professional field, with subsequent defense of the project at the end of the semester. The relevance of this model is proved on the basis of the analysis of all the advantages and disadvantages of the projects under consideration. The innovativeness of the project helps to enhance the internal motivation of students and its effectiveness in teaching a foreign language.